2024 4th International Conference on Computer Technology, Information Engineering and Electron Materials (CTIEEM 2024)

Call For Papers


The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Computer Technology

Machine learning

Computer network

Wireless sensor network

Virtual reality and human-computer interaction

Computer modeling

Information Engineering

Signal processing

Information and communication engineering

New method of logging signal processing

Vlsi design and manufacturing

Communication and wireless system

Signal acquisition and processing of geophysical prospecting instruments

New methods of digital signal processing

Random signal acquisition and processing technology

Array signal processing technology

Advanced filtering technology

Multi-source information fusion technology

Embedded systems

Intelligent Control and Automation

Control theory and application

Intelligent and optimal control system

System modeling

Power system and automation

Power electronics and electric drives 

Smart grid

Electronic Materials


Conductive metals and their alloys

Electromagnetic shielding material

Dielectric material

Piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials

Magnetic material

Organic solar cell materials

Organic electroluminescence diode and luminescence 

Chemical battery

Electromagnetism and photonics

Power electronics

New optoelectronic materials

materials and devices


Electrical engineering materials

Microelectronic materials

Advanced power semiconductor

Distributed generation

Electromagnetic compatibility

Wearable electronic materials

Two-dimensional material flexible optoelectronic device

Integrated circuit Sensor