2023 3rd International Conference on Computer Technology, Information Engineering and Electron Materials (CTIEEM 2023)

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Keynote Speakers

The first keynote speaker is Prof. Zhenxu Bai from Hebei University of Technology, to make the keynote speech, the title of his speech is: High-power diamond laser technology

2-Keynote Speaker_Zhenxu Bai.png

The second keynote speaker is Prof.Qin Xin, from University of the Faroe Islands, to make the second keynote speech, his title of report is: Deterministic rendezvous, treasure hunt, and strongly universal exploration sequences

3-Keynote Speaker_QinXin.png

The third keynote speaker is Prof.Sri Devi Ravana , from Universiti Malaya, to make the third keynote speech, her title of report is: Issues, Challenges and Future Research in Search Engine Evaluation

4-Keynote Speakr_Sri Devi.png

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