2024 4th International Conference on Computer Technology, Information Engineering and Electron Materials (CTIEEM 2024)



atsushi inoue photo.png

Professor Atsushi Inoue, Kyushu Institute of Tech, Japan


Professor Atsushi Inoue has extensive experiences in both academe and industries in USA and Japan, such as Motorola Inc. (USA), Hitachi Ltd. (Japan), and Carnegie Mellon CyLab Japan (Japan & USA).  He is closely familiar with many programming langues, open source technologies (LINUX), and a single board computer (Raspberry Pi).

As a full professor, he has taught and advised students in Computer Science, Information Systems, and Data Sciences at all levels from fundamental undergraduate to advanced graduate by taking research driven and hands-on, experiential approaches.  He has advised numerous students and many of them are successful in their career development, e.g. college faculty, nationally recognized consulting firms, and global enterprises — Battelle Memorial Institute, Raytheon, Caterpillar, Lockheed-Martin, Emaars (UAE), Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, to name a few.  He has held several fellowships and visiting professorships at reputable research institutes in France (LIP6), USA (UC Berkeley & CMU), Kazakhstan (KBTU & KazNU) and Japan (Lab. for Intn'l Fuzzy Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University & Chuo University).  He is active and well-recognized in relevant international academic societies in the world for his technical contributions and executive leaderships.

Currently, he is focusing on his digital entrepreneurship in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain while leading Intelligent Informatics/Innovative Integratica Initiative (I3).  He is enthusiastically promoting SBC, e.g. Raspberry Pi as a platform of PoC and MVP for various digital entrepreneurship and that of hands-on, experiential learning.

He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Cincinnati (USA).  He also received training and was successfully certified in Information Security at Carnegie Mellon University (USA), and in Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida (USA).

Professor Shuwen Xu, Xidian University, China 


In 2002, Professor Shuwen Xu was admitted to the electronics and information engineering major (national first-class undergraduate major) of the School of Electronic Engineering of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, and in 2006, he was qualified to enter the Institute of Electronics of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology for master's and doctoral studies in information and communication engineering (double first-class disciplines). In 2011, after graduating from the doctoral program, he stayed at the university and is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology. At present, it has completed more than 80 SCI retrieval papers, more than 30 EI retrieval papers, authorized 30 national patents, accepted more than 10, and authorized 2 software copyrights. The representative papers were published in IEEE Transaction on Aerospace Electronic System, Signal processing, Digital Signal processing, Electronics letters, IET radar, sonar and navigation, Chinese science and other internationally renowned important academic journals. Served as the branch chairman of several international conferences. He has presided over a number of NSFC general and youth projects and a number of national level projects, with a project funding of more than 20 million in the past three years. At present, he is the reviewer of several international academic journals, such as IEEE Transaction on Aerospace Electronic System, Electronics letters, IET radar, sonar and navigation. At present, the main research interests include: target detection, weak target detection in complex clutter background, time-frequency analysis, etc.